MIDDLETOWN - Calico, the "evil clown" landmark, will be able to stay in Middletown, the home that made him famous.

The famous landmark has been stationed outside the former Food Circus grocery store along Route 35 for nearly 60 years.

When word got out that a new shopping center may be going up on the property, residents worried that Calico would be torn down. They started an online petition to save him.

The Azzolinas, the family that owns the clown, say he will stay in Middletown, although probably in a new location.

"We plan to keep the clown in Middletown," says Joe Azzolina Jr. "It has been an icon since 1956."

Calico will be moved to the Azzolinas' new location, either outside or inside the store.  If there is no room at the new shopping center, the family says they will just put it outside one of their homes.

"It's not coming down," says Mark Azzolina.

For years, memorabilia such as t-shirts and hats have been sold with Calico's image. He has become a cultural icon in the town.

The sign was repainted a few years ago after residents complained the faded paint became an eyesore.