ROCK HILL, S.C. - (AP) - His campaign all but over, Herman Cainsaid Friday he would make an announcement Saturday in Atlanta aboutthe future of his White House bid.

Cain, in a speech to supporters in South Carolina, didn'tdisclose whether he would drop out of the race for the GOPnomination after this week's allegation that he had a 13-year-longextramarital affair. He told supporters simply to stay tuned.

"Nobody's going to make me make that prematurely," Cain said."That's all there is to it."

It's hard to see how he goes forward. His poll numbers havedropped dramatically, backers are fleeing and even the candidatehimself has acknowledged that fundraising has suffered since GingerWhite publicly contended the two had had a long-running affair.

The embattled candidate was heading home to Georgia after theSouth Carolina event to meet with his wife face to face for thefirst time since White stepped forward this week.

Cain has denied the allegation, even as he has acknowledged whathe called a friendship with the woman that included payments forwhat he said was financial hardship. He has said his wife didn'tknow of his connection to White.

"My wife and family comes first. I've got to take that intoconsideration," Cain told the crowd in South Carolina. "I don'tdoubt the support that I have. Just look at the people who arehere."

"I'm on this journey for a reason. I don't look back," Cainadded.