SOMERVILLE - Choice Cabinetry in Somerville was hard hit by Hurricane Irene's floods. The business is doing its best to clean up, but says that time is running out.

The company, which used to make 300 cabinets a day, says that it needs FEMA's help to keep it's doors open. It currently employs 70 people. Flooding waterlogged cherry and walnut hardwoods and mold is currently growing everywhere.

Million-dollar machines less than a month old haven't produced cabinets in two weeks. Every computer lies in the back destroyed and invoices for hundreds of clients are being dried out with fans.Office Manager Roberta Tagger has no idea who and how much customers owe. The company's flood insurance, underwritten by FEMA, will only cover about a quarter of the $4 million in damage.

FEMA is expected to assess the damage at Choice Cabinetry Thursday.