BUTLER - A Butler man's Halloween display is rubbing a lot of neighbors the wrong way, with some saying he's gone way too far.

Halloween decorations typically include festive lights and pumpkins on lawns. But this homeowner, who is identified only as "Matt," goes above and beyond, according to some neighbors.

"Right here we have Obama. He's an ISIS member and he has a deceptive head," says Matt. "We have a solider hung by Isis."

Matt says he didn't want to decorate his front lawn with just your average ghosts and goblins. He wanted to depict what he says is wrong in the world, specifically America's war against ISIS.

"It's a pro-American message," says Matt.

The display features a hostage set on fire in a cage, an American soldier hanging from a tree with the American flag wrapped around his neck.

Matt believes it's his right to display what he wants during Halloween. However, some of his neighbors disagree.

"When you see on the news these people that are being beheaded, dying for our country and he does this. It's offensive," says one neighbor, who declined to give her name.

Matt believes the display is doing its job.

"I understand it touches a nerve with some people, but that's just the way it is," says Matt. "Just trying to scare people. If this is making people uneasy and [the news] is here, then I guess I'm doing my job.

Matt says that he plans on adding more to the display as it gets closer to Halloween.