NEW BRUNSWICK - A businessman, who is obviously not a Boston sports fan, wants to open a sports bar called "Buck Foston" that would cater to New York sports fans. He says New Brunswick Mayor Jim Cahill doesn't see the humor in his idea.

Larry Blatterfein says Cahill is a Boston sports fan and is holding up his liquor license because of the colorful name, which he admits he chose to stand out. Blatterfein says he's trying to open his business at an old Bennigans on Route 1.

For his part, Cahill says there is nothing personal about it. The mayor tells News 12 New Jersey that "the only thing that's in the way right now is the fact that [Blatterfein] hasn't supplied us with his tax clearance certificate from the state of New Jersey and we are forbidden by law to consider any sort of approval for the transfer until we have that certificate in hand and he hasn't supplied one to us."