LINCROFT - The president of Brookdale Community College, Dr. Peter Burnham is paid nearly $250,000 a year in base pay and benefits, but now students and taxpayers say they're not happy about footing the bill.

Some Monmouth County Freeholders are calling it extravagance and waste, and say they want a renegotiation of Burnham's contract. They say the president is also compensated for his membership at Navesink Country Club in Middletown.

Burnham's contract includes $40,000 a year in private college tuition for both of his children, totaling more that $267,000. He also gets $18,000 a year as a housing allowance, all while the community college considers an 8-percent tuition hike.

Burnham spoke to News 12 New Jerseyover the phone and said has agreed to make concessions in his contract.