JERSEY CITY - (AP) - Tennessee Titans receiver Kenny Brittis due in a New Jersey courtroom to answer a charge stemming fromhis second arrest in the state.

He's charged with resisting during a June 8 arrest in Hobokenwhen detectives suspected he was carrying a marijuana cigar.

Prosecutors say Britt may not appear at Thursday's hearing inJersey City, but instead may have his lawyer file papers.

Britt pleaded guilty last week to motor vehicle violationsrelated to a previous speeding arrest in his native Bayonne.

The former Rutgers star also has two arrest warrants outstandingin Tennessee. They were issued April 14 by the Tennessee HighwayPatrol. It's also investigating an issue on Britt's driver'slicense applications.

His attorney has said Britt will be in Tennessee soon to dealwith the warrants.