EDISON - Gov. Chris Christie's Trenton press conference drew an unprecedented media crowd Thursday, which packed his outer office with both local and national journalists.

Cable news talk shows are buzzing about Governor Christie and Bridge-gate.

The governor's office was full to capacity for Christie's announcement that he terminated a top aide for her involvement in a scandal that brought traffic in Fort Lee almost to a halt in September.

Later in the afternoon, the governor's trip to apologize to the city's mayor became another media frenzy.

The scandal swirling around the governor and possible presidential candidate, who signed autographs as he left Fort Lee, thrust him once again into the national spotlight, and made him a popular punchline.

New Jersey's Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had plenty to say about Christie and the scandal.

"And planning this over email, with non-coded lingo, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves," said Stewart. "Hey, 'Why don't we create a traffic jam in Fort Lee as retribution.' You're an embarrassment to dialogue."

"And rest assured I am going to go extremely easy on this man because I am a commuter and do not wish to get on his bad side," Colbert told his audience.