SAYREVILLE - The investigation into the Bridge-Gate scandal continues with an important deadline Monday.

Information requested via subpoena was due to the legislative committee today.

An explosive letter sent last week by the attorney for David Wildstein claimed there is evidence that Gov. Chris Christie knew about the George Washington Bridge lane closures as they were happening last September.

"It is certainly a very serious allegation, if the governor of the state of New Jersey got up at a podium and was not totally truthful about what he said," says Assemblyman John Wisniewski. "We don't know that right now. There's no proof of that right now.”

Wisniewski is readying himself for piles of paperwork that could rival the snow outside his Sayreville office.

Monday was the deadline to submit emails, texts and documents related to Bridge-Gate from 20 subpoenas. Some extensions were granted, but he says he expects almost all of them to make it in on time.

The subpoenas included one from Christina Genovese Renna, a subordinate of former Christie aide Bridget Anne Kelly, who resigned last week.

"This really has become quite a can of worms in terms of how do we get to the bottom of the facts we need to understand," says Wisniewski. "But it really comes down to, how do we stop, how do we prevent, in the future, someone from abusing their authority in the fashion it was abused now."

None of the returned documents are expected to be made public Monday.

The legislative committee will meet again once it has had a chance to review the material.