EDISON - The state legislative committee holding hearings on the now infamous George Washington Bridge traffic jam released a little more than 900 pages of documents related to the incident.

The chaotic situation is outlined in several emails between Port Authority officials including David Wildstein, the former Port Authority executive at the center of the controversy, and Executive Director Patrick Foye.

In one email, Foye calls the decision to close traffic lanes on the bridge "hasty and ill-advised" and later calls for the lanes to be re-opened. Foye is also accused of leaking info to the press on the issue.

Several real-world effects of the closures were documented, including delays in emergency response and the hampering of a search for a missing child.

Other documents reveal the frustration of Fort Lee's police department that it was not told about the controversial closures. Emails from Wildstein contradict that claim.

Meanwhile, a wounded Chris Christie is working to move beyond the most challenging test of his political career.

News 12 New Jersey has not uncovered a mention of Christie or his office in the early days surrounding the bridge closure. Christie adamantly denied any personal "knowledge or involvement" in the incident.

But the governor's critics promise to keep probing the traffic scandal that rocked his administration this week and threatens to tarnish his national image ahead of the next presidential contest.

Christie's allies suggest the worst is behind him, although federal prosecutors are examining the case.

Documents released earlier in the week reveal that members of his administration may have intentionally caused the gridlock to exact political retribution. The governor fired a top aide and jettisoned his chief political adviser Thursday.

The email exchanges released today also include communications between legislators and other representatives of the Port Authority in more recent weeks, as the media began to ask questions about the lane closures.