NEWARK - Lawyers for the defendants in the Bridge-Gate case were still trying to get charges thrown out after the prosecution wrapped Thursday.

Defendants Bill Baroni and Bridget Kelly are accused of helping to prepare a revenge plot, but a defense attorney for Kelly told the judge they believe the charges of conspiracy and wire fraud are too far-reaching.

The defendant's attorney, Michael Chitchley, says prosecutors haven't shown evidence that the lane realignment wasn't just an improperly done traffic study, and that Fort Lee has seen gridlock traffic before so it's not a civil rights violation on its residents.

"We made the motion that the government's case has inadequacy that should not require us to go forward," says Chitchley. "That being said, I'm prepared to go forward."

Baroni's defense is slated to bring character witnesses to support his client, including a friend who walked with him out of court.  She testified that the two met at a weight loss clinic decades ago and that now he's "like family." Baroni will take the stand on Monday morning.

The judge has said she will consider the motion to dismiss over the weekend.