FORT LEE - Gov. Chris Christie has said mistakes were made, but a group involved in a class action lawsuit believes the "Bridge-Gate" closures were much more than that.

Peter Deshepelo, Justin Sasso and other Fort Lee taxi drivers say they were unable to run their taxis on time in and around Fort Lee when the lanes leading to the George Washington Bridge were closed in September.

"A lot of passengers missed flights because of the traffic jam," says Sasso, of Lime Taxi. "We took a really big hit."

Deshepelo, of GW Taxi, agrees. "It was impossible to get them where they were going."

Sasso says if the closures had gone on any longer, it could have put him out of business.

GW Taxi and Lime Taxi are part of a lawsuit against the state and numerous parties linked to Bridge-Gate, including David Wildstein and Bridget Anne Kelly.

Attorneys Barry and Michael Epstein say damages in this case are richly deserved.

"They lost time they can never get back," Michael Epstein says.

Barry Epstein says the key point of the suit is that the traffic backups were part of a planned and exaggerated closure.

The lawyers say the traffic jams at the George Washington Bridge cost the taxi companies some of their clients.

Any more parties that come to light who are connected to Bridge-Gate could be added to the class action suit, as could plaintiffs, according to the attorneys.