BRICK - Two Brick school officials and one of their daughters have been arrested and charged with official misconduct and theft, according to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.

Superintendent Walter Uszenski, his daughter Jaqueline Halsey and Interim Director of Specials Services Andrew Morgan were charged for their alleged roles in a plan to provide Halsey’s preschool-aged child with full-time day care and transportation at the school district’s expense. 

They allegedly did this by falsely claiming it was educationally necessary.

Investigators say Halsey initiated and approved the request and that Morgan and Uszenski got the necessary approvals from the Board of Education to fund the program.  The amount of fraudulent benefits is believed to be nearly $40,000.

Brick Mayor John Ducey says that it is a sad day for brick when someone breaks the public’s trust.

“The school system is for our children in Brick. It's supposed to be for the good of our kids. If someone took advantage of that for their own private gain, that's very disappointing.” Mayor Ducey says.

Morgan was hired specifically in 2013 at the request of Uszenski. The two had previously worked together. It is believe he was hired specifically to help with the scheme. One of his first official acts as interim director of special services was to engineer the fraudulent plan, according to the prosecutor.