BRICK - Controversial red-light cameras in the Ocean County community of Brick are starting to come down after the township's mayor became the first in New Jersey to withdraw from the state's pilot program.

The signs are still up at the intersection of Route 70 and Chambers Bridge Road, but the red-light cameras came down Tuesday night.

Drivers like Patti Phelps are happy to see them go. "I've seen it. They race forward to try to beat it or go slower to come up to the light," she says. "It changes people's driving. I don't think it's safe."

Mayor John Ducey agreed. He says he reviewed police accident reports that showed an increase in crashes after the cameras were installed.

"If the whole purpose of the camera is for safety and the safety is actually gone because the cameras are actually causing more accidents and more serious accidents then there's no reason for the cameras," Ducey says.

Cameras are still up at the two other intersections in Brick, but officials say they've been deactivated and are no longer recording.

Some Brick residents tell us taking them down is a mistake. "I'd like to see them stay if at all possible. I think it's a good thing," says Eileen Senior.

The program generated some $2 million in Brick since it started three years ago. But if the cameras make intersections more dangerous, Ducey says they're not worth it.

Brick was the only municipality in Ocean and Monmouth counties to participate in the pilot program. Mayor Ducey says he's trying to convince other mayors to review crash data and pull their programs too.