SOUTH BRUNSWICK - South Brunswick police say they have arrested a thief responsible for stealing nearly $40,000 worth of copper and brass.

Police say that Momodu Rogers allegedly broke into Richmond Industries to steal the materials.

According to the investigation, Rogers used to work at the company. He allegedly climbed on top of a dust collector and jumped to the roof. From the roof, investigators say he entered the building through a ventilation shaft -- one with large fan blades.

“Sometimes the fan goes off by itself, so it was unknown if the fan was going to turn on while he was attempting to go through,” says South Brunswick Police Det. Dennis Youhasz.

However, Rogers was allegedly able to go through, and police say he climbed down some pipes and covered security cameras with buckets in order to steal the copper.

Police then say Rogers allegedly took the copper and brass through a window in the side of the building and loaded it onto his truck.

South Brunswick detectives tracked the truck using security cameras and the investigation led them to Rogers working at his new job at Dunkin’ Donuts in Irvington.

Rogers was arrested and charged with theft. He reportedly told police that he sold the $40,000 worth of copper for only $1,800.