BEACHWOOD - A 7-year-old Ocean County boy is being hailed a hero for saving his mother's life after she suffered an allergic reaction.

Brandon Timoney was riding in the car with his mother Marilyn on the way to Gille Park in Lacey. Marilyn had taken an antibiotic just before driving and soon started to experience a severe allergic reaction to it.

"I just started to feel faint and not right," she says. "My hands were itchy and they were swelling."

Marilyn was able to pull over on the side of the road in front of an elementary school before passing out. Her son Brandon, who is in second grade, was able to get to the front seat and dial 911 to get help.

"I tried to wake her up and she didn't wake up," Brandon says. "I kept pushing on her to wake up."

Brandon knew they were by a school, but did not know the name. He was able to spell out the words on a nearby sign to the 911 operator, who was then able to figure out where they were. Emergency services soon arrived.

Brandon was awarded a special coin by the Lacey Township Police Department, as well as a Superhero certificate for his quick thinking.

Another person, a landscaper named Rich, also came to Marilyn's aid. The Timoney family wishes to thank him.