CLARK - A 17-year-old Boy Scout has come up with a way to fight mosquitoes environmentally.

Christopher Makosiej and members of Troop 145 built and installed 31 bird boxes and six bat boxes at Esposito Park in Clark.

The boxes are designed to help attract birds and bats to the area, which will then feed on the mosquitoes and other pests. The project helped Makosiej earn his Eagle Scout rank.

"My project couldn't have come at more perfect timing," Makosiej says. "And there's definitely a lot more birds coming into the park."

Environmental specialist Betty Ann Kelly says the project increases the biodiversity of the park. "We want a lot of different species instead of just a few and this is kind of an urban-suburban area, so you're not going to get a lot of different species unless you have the habitat," Kelly says.

The Science Club at Arthur L. Johnson High School will help maintain and monitor the boxes weekly, and report their findings to Cornell University.