ELIZABETH - A young boy left home alone escaped a fire unharmed Friday morning, but police want to know why no one was with him.

The blaze at 775 Broad St. was confined to a single apartment on the third floor, according to the daughter of the building's super.

"A boy came downstairs because he could smell smoke in his apartment and my mother wanted to go check," says Winca Guadad. "When she went, there was like smoke coming out of the closet, and it was a fire in the closet."

The boy, believed to be 11 or 12 years old, was home sick from school and Guadad says she was at work when the fire started.

There were no injuries reported in the fire. It's unclear if the child being left home alone was any cause for concern among authorities on the scene and calls from News 12 have not been returned.