JERSEY CITY - Jersey City police say the 4-year-old boy who was left on a bus today in the extreme heat was lucky to be discovered and even luckier that he survived.

Police are still investigating how the special needs child was overlooked by both the bus driver and an aide. Officials say the boy was on the bus for four hours before being found at the Atlantic Express Bus Company.

The boy had been on his way to a summer program at Jersey City's Frank R. Conwell No. 3 Elementary School, but never made it. He was taken to Christ Hospital where he was treated and released.

In a statement to News 12 New Jersey, a spokesperson for Atlantic Express said, "Our company has zero tolerance for any lapses in our strict protocols and policies for checking buses and making sure all children are accounted for?The driver and matron were immediately fired, and we are grateful the child is safe."

Police say the bus driver and the aide could also face charges.