BOUND BROOK - The Bound Brook School District wants to crack down on non-resident students attending school there, and they are offering a reward.

Superintendent of Schools Daniel Gallagher says the district has been promoting a $30 million school improvement referendum, and it's facing some resistance. "We get a lot of people who are commenting that most of these kids, they believe, don't live in district," he says.

Officials say they will give a gift card to anyone who helps them identify students who are not legal residents in the district. It excludes those who are attending via a school choice program.

Gallagher says it costs thousands of dollars a year to educate students that are attending illegally. He says they often receive anonymous tip calls. They learn of about four to five non-resident students a year and must send them back to their home districts. 

The district does its due diligence to make sure that all of the kids live in the district, and Gallagher doesn't think they will be giving many gift cards away.

The superintendent says they will investigate any information they are given through the new program. "If it turns out the kid does not live here in Bound Brook, and we remove the kid, the district will save $14,000, and we are going to reward that taxpayer with a $50 rewards card."

Some parents say it's a worthwhile investment, others say it's not enough to snitch on another family.

Bound Brook is known to have a transient population, and the district says children often continue to attend their schools after they move.