WARREN - A group of autistic kids and their families got to enjoy an afternoon out at a bounce and laser tag facility in Warren.

Dozens of kids jumped and cheered their way through the Bounce Factory during the yearly event.

The event was coordinated by the Autism Think Tank, a group that brings together leading experts to medically treat children with advanced autism.

The much needed activity can be taken for granted, since a visit like this can be difficult for a child with autism.

"Often times, families who suffer with autism have a hard time going out in public places because people are not necessarily understanding or accepting of their children if they should have behavioral issues," says Sheri Haiken, of the Autism Think Tank.

Bounce Factory's owners say it's a way for kids to be themselves and have fun in a safe environment. "We have special needs in our own personal family and it's about giving back," says Tony Damato.

New Jersey has the nation's highest rate of autism at 1 in 45 children, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For boys, that rate is even higher, with 1 in 28 diagnosed with the condition.