BOONTON TOWNSHIP - Several residents of Boonton Township say they would like to see the name of the township changed.

They say that their property values have been decreased due to association with nearby Boonton.

Appearing at a township council meeting last week, resident Edward Daspin asked the council to consider changing the name. Daspin says he would like to see the town name changed to Mountain Lakes Township or Powerville.

Some Boonton residents say they don't understand why Boonton Township residents would want to change the name.

"I think it's a little snotty. Can't we all just get along?" says Boonton resident Allison Ercolani. "Everyone knows Boonton Township is the fancier town. They go to Mountain Lakes High School. Why does it have to be such a big deall"

A similar change happened with the former town of West Paterson. That town changed its name to Woodland Park after residents wished to distance themselves from the city of Paterson.

If there is enough support fort the name change, it could go before Boonton Township voters.