BOGOTA - Some residents in Bogota are voicing concerns over emergency horns that go off every time there’s an emergency in town.

"The horn goes off in the middle of the night,” says resident Rich Nichols. “It's kind of loud."

The horns are used to alert the borough’s volunteer firefighters and EMTs that there’s an emergency. The emergency responders also carry pagers, but fire officials say the horns provide a vital fail-safe in the event that the pagers fail to work or run out of battery.

The town has been using the horns since before World War II. Residents who have been living in the borough for years say they’re fairly used to it. Some newer residents wish the horns could be silenced while they’re asleep.

Fire Chief Chip Greiner says the sirens are just part of living in a small town, where the fire department is staffed only by volunteers.

The town tried silencing the alarms during the overnight hours two years ago, according to the fire chief. He says a drop in response forced the department to turn them back on.