BOGOTA - For the second time in two months, the mayor of Bogota says he was the victim of an assault.

The latest incident happened at a council meeting Tuesday night between Mayor Tito Jackson and Councilman Evaristo Burdiez.

Jackson says Burdiez punched him in the head during a heated debate during closed-door budget talks. "I asked him to calm down," he says. "He was raising his voice and using expletives."

Burdiez denies hitting the mayor, but admits to pushing him.

Others were in the room at the time, and Borough Administrator Chip Greiner says the councilman's behavior was erratic. He believes Burdiez was intoxicated at the time and says Burdiez was driven home by another council member. 

Burdiez says he was working at home before the meeting and had not been drinking.

It is the second time in recent months that someone put their hands on Mayor Jackson. In June, the father of a council candidate admitted he struck the mayor after an exchange of words at a polling site.  

Jackson says both incidents are the result of a highly charged political atmosphere that he hopes calms down. "We can agree to disagree," he says. "We live in a democratic society. No one should ever put their hands on someone else."

The mayor is calling for Councilman Burdiez to resign. He says he will not step down.