TOM'S RIVER - Anthony DiGilio has been found not guilty of vehicular homicide in the 2008 boating death of Robert Post.

DiGilio, of Brick Township, was accused of running over Robert Post's 17-foot boat on the Metedeconk River with his 27-foot speedboat.

Post, 49, was killed and four others were injured in the crash. An investigator and two witnesses said the bow light on DiGilio's boat was burned out before the collision. The Ocean County prosecutor also said DiGilio left the scene after the accident and was driving too fast.

The defense argued that DiGilio was cut off by the smaller boat. They also said DiGilio thought he had hit a log, which is why he kept going.

A 911 call from immediately after the fatal boat crash was played on April 4 in the Ocean County courtroom. In the call, two passengers described the injuries of those aboard the damaged boat on the 20-minute call. Post was decapitated in the crash and two of the other passengers were critically injured.

DiGilio had been facing up to 10 years in prison.