MIDDLETOWN - About a dozen bloody needles were found inside McMahon Park in Middletown.

Middletown police say the needles are not the type used for heroin, but are a longer type typically used to inject steroids. They were found in the hockey rink in the rear of the park in the player’s box.

Keansburg resident Michael Ford, who regularly visits McMahon Park, says it's not the first time needles have been found at the park.

“They did call the cops maybe twice for needles, for little bags too.  I think they're called dime bags,” Ford says. “They're here once in a while too.  They see them on the ground because kids come here at night."

The park is located in the North Middletown section of the town, close to Keansburg High School. News 12 New Jersey spotted other signs of drug use in the park while reporting on the story. Jersey Shore reporter Karla Bardinas says she also spotted used condoms, empty alcohol containers and graffiti in that section of the park. She says there was also a strong odor of urine.

"It's too bad you can't let your kids come down here and know that they're safe,” says Middletown resident Ann Cremin. “Things have changed a lot here."

The hockey rink the needles were found in is no longer in use, and police say they are often having to tell teens to stay out of the area. The rink is not locked up.