EDISON - An investigation has found that undocumented immigrants and other residents not entitled to a New Jersey driver's license got one anyway by bribing Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) employees.

Six clerks are charged with bribery, conspiracy, misconduct and other crimes. A team of middlemen allegedly brokered the deals in which customers paid up to $7,000 for a license. The clerks charged workers at MVC offices in Lodi, East Orange, Edison, Jersey City and North Bergen. The state attorney general's office says the ring sold licensesmostly to foreign nationals who were not eligible to receive themfor $2,500 - $7,000 apiece. Those charged include 21 customers and 13 intermediaries who would drum up business. The new licenses are harder to get, in part, because theyrequire numerous different forms of identification to establish aperson's identity. Authorities say the ring let customers bypassthose requirements and pay cash for a license.

Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.