MENDHAM - A black bear decided to cool off on a hot day by taking a dip in a Mendham family's pool. 

The McNeill family says the bear came to visit on Father's Day and swam for nearly 15 minutes.

"He just quietly went in and started swimming laps. I made a bee-line for the house,” says Joan McNeill.

Joan’s husband Ron decided to shoot video of the bear while it swam. The couple’s daughter also shot video from an upstairs window.

"When the bear came to the shallow end and shook himself out, it was evident he was coming out of pool and I retreated inside,” says Ron.

The McNeills say that the bear then walked through the woods to the neighbor’s house and down their driveway.

The family says that they have seen a lot of wild life in the area, including bears, before. But they say that they have never seen a bear that big on their property, and especially not in their pool.

Recently, there have been a handful of sightings of bears in neighborhoods across New Jersey.