TETERBORO - A town hall meeting was held last night to discuss the fate of the tiny Bergen County town of Teterboro as a bill is in the works to dissolve it.

Those for and against the plan attended the meeting as well as lawmakers. Some of those against the town being dissolved are afraid that there will be job losses.

Teterboro's tax collector, Marion Semken, is worried about losing her job. She says that with no schools or police to support, Teterboro has the lowest tax rate in New Jersey. If the town is absorbed into neighboring communities with higher taxes, she insists many businesses may move out.

Bill co-sponsor and state Sen. Robert Gordon says that he doesn't think the proposal will have an effect on the business community or jobs. He says businesses will get a 20-year tax abatement. Homeowners will also get tax breaks, because Teterboro's rateables will be divided up between its surrounding towns.