ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS - About 100 local bikers hit the streets in Atlantic Highlands today to surprise a high school student who is battling cancer.  

The Falzone family says they were brought to tears when they saw dozens of motorcycles, driven by people they even don't know, to show their support for 14-year-old Chris, a freshman hockey player fighting bone cancer.

Tony Z, who also goes by the name, "Fonzie," heard about the teen and his fight against cancer, so he made some calls to his friends. While riding in the rain is risky, compared to fighting cancer, he thought it was the least he could do to show his support.

"He's suffering and he's battling, and the courage this guy has, it takes a lot," he says.

Chris is currently being treated at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Friends of the family  have set up a charity site to help raise money and support.