PEQUANNOCK - Police have arrested a biker months after they say he led them on a chase through the streets of New Jersey that reached 160 mph - a pursuit he recorded on video.

Authorities on Wednesday charged 20-year-old Anthony Darrigo, of Wanaque, with eluding police with risk of severe bodily injuring and resisting arrest.

A police officer began chasing Darrigo on Dec. 10 after seeing him driving the motorcycle on its rear wheel. A video from Darrigo's helmet camera showed him weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed on a highway and through a residential area before police broke off the pursuit.

The video was posted on YouTube, and police traced it to Darrigo by pretending to be a fan.

“One of our officers reached out and contacted this person anonymously, kind of as a fan of the video,” says Capt. Christopher DePuyt. “We made sure that it was him and we had some elements that we had to make sure we were satisfied and we went forward [and arrested him].”

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.