HOWELL TOWNSHIP - A Howell Township woman who opened her home and her heart to take in two abandoned boys can now move into a larger space thanks to the mother of a classmate of one of the boys, and the help of a kindhearted News 12 New Jersey viewer.

Herbert Cellars, a Howell businessman, saw the boys story on News 12 New Jersey. Cellars says he was moved to tears and immediately wanted to help.

According to police, the 8- and 10-year-old brothers were left behind when their father and stepmother were evicted from their mobile home in September.

Police say the couple took an 18-month-old girl they share along with them, but left the boys behind to fend for themselves.

The toddler has been placed with relatives, and the father and stepmother are in jail.

A neighbor took the boys in along with her husband and their three children. But state authorities said her trailer was too small, and she was told the boys would be removed and put into foster care if she did not move into a larger home.

Kristen Coppola, the mother of a classmate of one of the boys, started an online petition to raise the $40,000 needed to help get the family into a larger home.

Cellars was so moved by the story that he consulted with his friends and colleagues at his company, Classy Hair Designs & Sheitel Outlet, and wrote a check for $35,000.

Cellars says the donation is a mitzvah, or good deed, of carrying on his parents’ legacy of giving to the community.

Coppola says the donation is “a miracle.”