PELICAN ISLAND - Berkeley Township is citing a zoning ordinance, telling Snooki and JWOWW they are not allowed to film their new MTV show in a Pelican Island home.

The ordinance says the home they are moving into cannot be used for a commercial operation.

Residents have been fighting to stop production of the show since they heard the "Jersey Shore" stars were moving in to the Sunset Drive home.

The new show, "Snooki and JWOWW" was set to be filmed in a Sandy-ravaged neighborhood, still working to recover. Some neighbors are worried that TV crews and fans will be disruptive to their efforts.

The area is residential, and the township says the show is a commercial enterprise.

Council president Jim Byrnes tells News 12 New Jersey the township has already sent a letter to the homeowner, who is renting the house out for the production, alerting him to the zoning violation.