TEANECK - New Jersey is the only state in the country without an official state song, and a Bergen County music teacher wants to change that.

Patrick Finley, a music teacher at Bergen Academy, wrote a song called "New Jersey My Home" in 1996, and has been petitioning to have it adopted as the state song ever since.
Finley says he entered and won first place in a contest, but it has been hanging in limbo in the Legislature for years.

Finley has lived in New Jersey since 1984, and thinks his song captures the best of the Garden State.

"When it appeared in the paper, I thought it would be fun," Finley says. "And it was. It took about 40 hours to bang it out. And the end result was the piece."

Finley even wrote a book on state songs, and says some states, like South Carolina, actually have more than one official song. He continues to push lawmakers here.
There is currently a bill in the Legislature that would make "New Jersey My Home" the official song of the Garden State.