HACKENSACK - A northern New Jersey prosecutor says the governor's office plans to replace him and has asked when he plans to step down.

Bergen County Prosecutor John Molinelli says he's been asked by the governor's office to provide a timetable for his retirement. He says he hasn't given the governor's office a timeline yet.

Gov. Chris Christie tried to replace Molinelli in 2013 with a former federal prosecutor. The nomination didn't make it past the state Senate. Molinelli's second term expired, but he has kept serving in lieu of a replacement.

Some New Jersey officials are wondering why Molinelli has been asked to resign now.

State Sen. Paul Sarlo thinks it has something to do with a letter circulated by the Bergen County Freeholder Board.  It mentioned the criticism Molinelli faced over two overturned political corruption cases and also after a doctor accused of sexual assaults was allowed to go into pretrial intervention.

State Sen Loretta Weinberg thinks that Gov. Christie is taking a chance to get his own candidate in office without having to go through the normal channels of nomination and vetting process with the Senate.

Molinelli says that he is exploring other opportunities that will be the best for his family.

The Associated Press wire services contributed to this report.