BERGEN COUNTY - A Bergen County man is one of New Jersey's top-rated Uber drivers. However, this is not all that makes Carlos Restrepo unique. He was also born without arms or legs.

"I taught myself to swim. I shave myself. I do my own beard. I cook. I clean," says Restrepo

Last year, Restrepo became an Uber taxi driver and got a specially equipped car to give rides. He is able to accelerate, brakeĀ and steer using only his arms.

Restrepo was recently married and has children. He says he wanted to get off disability and rejoin the workforce.

"[Uber] gave me back my life, to work again," he says.

In nine months with the company, he's driven around 30,000 miles.

"I push myself mentally all the time because God gave me the option to do that," says Restrepo.

He is doing so well with the driving that he says he no longer needs disability aid.