MAHWAH - A group of Bergen County lawmakers are looking at the possibility of legalizing gambling, and they say they would like to form a 13-member committee to explore the possibilities of bringing a casino to the county.

The Casino Gaming Study Commission would evaluate current gambling laws and their economic impact, and weigh the pros and cons of a casino. Assemblywoman Valerie Huttle (D-Bergen) says the Meadowlands would make an ideal location for a casino, since gambling on horse races already exists there.

Some locals welcome the idea of a casino, especially if it'll provide a boost to the local economy. However, others agree with Gov. Chris Christie, and believe that gambling should remain in Atlantic City, making it a destination spot in the state.

Christie says he'd like to confine gambling to Atlantic City for the next five years, as he wants to create a tourism district in the area. The measure is expected to go before the Assembly next week.