BELMAR - The Belmar Police Department will be increasing its presence in the beach community this summer in an effort to keep pedestrians safe.

Police will especially be patrolling the area around Ocean Avenue cracking down on drivers who aren’t following the law.

"There's no reason to be speeding along Ocean Avenue in the summer,” says Belmar Mayor Matt Doherty. “There's no reason not to stop for people in the crosswalk."

Beginning Saturday, police will be stopping any motorist who doesn’t stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk. 

Motorists are required by law in New Jersey to come to a complete stop for a pedestrian who is crossing the street. The motorist must remained stopped until the pedestrian completes the crossing.

Mayor Doherty says that the police presence will be strong in Belmar this weekend so that motorists get the message.

"There's not going to be any excuses why you're not stopping for them. They'll be no leniency whatsoever this weekend,” he says.

The penalty for this offense is a $230 fine, two points on your license, and possibly 15 hours of community service.