BELMAR - An artist in Belmar is creating a "Sculpture on the Water" exhibition on Silver Lake.

Standing tall, six aluminum sculptures entitled "Crayons" created by Richard Pitts are floating on Silver Lake.

Pitts, a native of New Jersey and former professor at FIT, says the project was created at his farm in Pennsylvania and took seven years to complete.

The idea for the "Sculpture on the Water" project came from artist Roddy Wildman, who owns Torche Gallery in Belmar. With help from Midnight Construction, the sculptures were put on the water.

Silver Lake has come a long way since Superstorm Sandy nearly two years ago, when it was filled with sand and debris. All surrounding homes were flooded during the storm, and the entire lake had to be pumped out.

Wildman hopes the sculptures will be a sight to see for homeowners both during the day and night. Wildman is hoping for $65,000 in donations to get all 40 of the sculptures in and sponsored.