BELLEVILLE - A daughter is continuing to search for answers after the still unsolved shooting death of her father nearly three years ago.

Joanne Gasparinetti says her father, John, lived and died in the neighborhood around Bloomfield Avenue in Belleville.

According to police, John Gasparinetti spent the final hours of his life visiting a few neighborhood bars. Detectives say Gasparinetti came back to his car just before 6 a.m. to find a flat tire. They say that as he knelt down to fix the tire, he was shot and killed from behind.

While the crime remains unsolved, police shared exclusive surveillance video from that night with News 12 New Jersey. In the footage, a well-dressed man can be seen walking down Bloomfield Avenue just moments after the shooting.

Detectives say the murder may have been linked to organized crime. They are working to identify the man seen in the video.

Joanne says her father may have been involved in some gambling activities, but that she and her sisters didn't know it could have been that bad.

Anyone with any information should contact the Essex County "Crime Stoppers" tip line. All calls will be anonymous.