PARAMUS - A young bear spotted high in a Paramus neighborhood was tranquilized and removed Thursday, but not before taking a tumble from his perch.

Crews were trying for hours to coax the 100-pound bear down from the tree on Winters Avenue with no success.

Then after three hours, and just after 4 p.m., animal control officers shot a tranquilizer at him that got stuck in the bear's ear. They shot a second dart, which hit its mark.

After trying to fight the effects of the drugs, the bear eventually fell from the tree into a net being held by firefighters below.

Animal control officer Carol Tyler says he will be OK. "He had a tag put on his ear to identify him, in case he gets himself in trouble again," she says. "He'll now receive a tattoo inside his lip, and that will identify him and we'll be able to keep track of him."

The 1-year-old bear will be relocated to a safer area in Morris or Sussex counties.