ROCKAWAY - Another Rockaway Township resident has captured video of bears playing in a backyard pool.

Jennifer Englese tells News 12 New Jersey that she came home Wednesday afternoon to find the bear cubs playing in her neighbor’s backyard inflatable pool.

The bears were seen splashing around in the water and then wrestling with each other. The cubs are then seen rolling around the neighbor’s backyard for a while.

This is the second time within about a week that a Rockaway Township resident found a bear playing in a backyard pool. On Aug. 26, the Dowling family found a 400-pound bear in their backyard.

Rockaway Township Mayor Michael Dachisen says that the town gets calls about bears every day. He says that there are about 20 bears in the town.

Mayor Dachisen says that the only report of a bear-related injury in recent memory was a Scout leader who was pulled into a bear cave last December.