BAYONNE - Bayonne residents gathered in front of City Hall Wednesday to protest how the city is dealing with animals.

The Bayonne City Council passed a vote last month to accept a bid from New Jersey Animal and Rescue Control for a yearlong contract to take care of the city’s animals.

Residents questioned competency of Geoff Santini, the owner of that organization, citing incidents of animal cruelty at other shelters. They also say the new contract does not provide a shelter contract with a facility to house animals in need, putting the city’s animals in danger.

Irene Borngraeber, the executive director of Liberty Human Society, who currently has the contract with Bayonne, is not happy with the vote.

“What it means to us is that all the animals that get picked up as strays will be taken to another facility. We have yet to get documentation about where that animal shelter is and we don’t know the condition. We don’t know the number of animals that are able to be housed there,” she says.

Representatives for the city of Bayonne say that New Jersey Animal and Rescue Control is reputable and the new contract will also save the city money. The new contact went into effect on Dec. 1.

The contact with Liberty Human Society has not been canceled, so city officials could still vote to halt the new contract if there is enough pressure.