ENGLISHTOWN - Residents in several areas of Englishtown were forced to pump out crawl spaces and basements after heavy rain fell overnight.

John Whalen lives on Main Street and has two pumps going, including one in his pool, to send water out onto the street. He wants to dry out the crawl space as quickly as possible to avoid mold and buckling to his hardwood floors above.

"Very inconvenient, yeah," says John Whalen. "It's a lot of work today. Both of us had to take off work ya know and my son took off work and you know, here we are."

The back room to their home, which is built on a concrete slab, was also flooded. They have fans and dehumidifiers running to help dry it out. 

The neighborhood had severe flooding during Irene. Since then, residents have been pushing to have creeks and brooks dredged.