BARNEGAT - The Cecil S. Collins School in Barnegat Township is continuing its battle against mold as a meeting is being held tonight to answer questions about the problem.

The building remains closed after high levels of mold were discovered in the air. More than 300 elementary school students have been placed in other schools within the district after air samples from several classrooms showed unhealthy levels of mold. Experts say the high levels can cause respiratory problems.

A mold remediation company at the school told News 12 New Jersey that it was cleaning spores off books, school supplies and desks to be used at other schools. The company says it was not cleaning the actual school building itself. Superintendent of Schools Karen Wood says she's not sure when the building cleanup will begin or how long the mold removal could take, but says students and faculty will not return until the mold is gone.

The special meeting to address this problem is being held at Barnegat High School on Bengal Boulevard.