EAST RUTHERFORD - Democratic candidate for governor Barbara Buono named Milly Silva as her lieutenant governor running mate today.

The announcement brought a loud cheer from the crowd at Buono's campaign event in the Meadowlands.

Silva, a high-ranking leader from the state's Service Employees International Union, spoke about what she considers Gov. Chris Christie's failures.

"On the issue that most affect Latinos, Chris Christie has failed. On the issues that affect African-Americans, Chris Christie has failed," says Silva.

But the Christie campaign quickly downplayed the announcement. In a statement to News 12, a spokesman for Gov. Christie said, "Milly Silva is entirely unqualified to be lieutenant governor. She has never held elective office, worked in the private sector, nor served in government.”

John Currie, of the State Democratic Committee, sees the announcement as a good move for Buono.

"You know, the energy that Milly will bring to this game, not only her union base, her Latino base, this is what different communities of working class people are looking for," Currie says.

But not everyone sees it that way. Monmouth University pollster Patrick Murray isn't sold.

"Really, there's not much that Barbara Buono can do to change the direction of this race, it's all in Chris Christie's hands right now", says Murray.

According to the campaign, Buono and Silva make up just the third ever "all woman" ticket for governor in the country.