ASBURY PARK - An Asbury Park school security guard has been suspended pending an investigation into whether or not he choked a first-grader unconscious, according to the district.

Karen McMillan claims her son Na'Rek Johnson, 7, was acting up in class when the security guard started to choke him to restrain him. The first-grader passed out and had to be taken to the hospital.

Barack H. Obama Elementary initially told Na'Rek's mother that he had a seizure.  However, the family claims they heard the guard say at the hospital that he had to give Na’Rek CPR at the school.

"He said he did 24 chest pumps and two rounds of CPR," says Sharonta Lee, the boy’s aunt. "That doesn’t sound right. If somebody’s seizing, it’s impossible to do CPR."

Despite the security guard's suspension, the boy's mother says she will not send her son back to the elementary school.