JACKSON - Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson has some adorable new residents.

A litter of six baby otters from a California zoo are now calling the theme park home. The brothers and sisters will be a part of the "Safari Discoveries" area of the theme park.

Park employees say the baby Asian small-clawed otters initially were a little afraid of the water, but now they're splashing and swimming freely in their new home.

Like most newborns, these 9-week-olds demand lots of attention. They've been bottle feeding ever since their arrival at six weeks, and are drinking a mix of yogurt and puppy formula and eating small pieces of fish.

In the wild, these otters live in rivers and bays in Southeast Asia. They will weigh about 9 pounds when fully grown.

The baby otters will make their park debut this weekend. Trainers will carry them around the theme park to meet and greet visitors.

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