WEEHAWKEN - Police are continuing their investigation after a baby was found abandoned on the steps of Weehawken High School earlier today. The baby, wrapped in a blanket, was discovered by a parent walking into the school. The parent immediately brought the infant to Alba Feliciano, the school secretary, who then brought him to the nurse. "We had the school nurse evaluate the baby right away for signs of respiratory distress, and at that time the police and ambulance were notified," said District Superintendent Kevin McLellan. Feliciano also says the baby had a bump on his head and the side of his face, and that he was bleeding. Police say they received a tip and quickly found the mother walking a few blocks away. Weehawken Public Safety Director Jeff Welz says the woman, 37, is a Weehawken resident and is believed to be suffering from emotional problems. No charges have been filed against the mother, but that may change once police determine the cause of the child's apparent injury.