EDGEWATER - The owners of an Edgewater apartment complex destroyed by fire held a meeting Wednesday to discuss the reconstruction of the building.

Most of the Avalon Bay apartment complex was destroyed by a massive fire in January 2015.

Avalon Bay developers and owners met with the Edgewater Zoning Board to discuss changes they have made to the new building, which they say will be safer from fires.

A lawyer and architect for Avalon Bay used a PowerPoint presentation to lay out safety improvements that they are proposing. The plans for the new building include a more encompassing sprinkler system and masonry firewalls to prevent a fire from spreading.

The Avalon Bay developers pointed out that the changes they are proposing are volunteer and not required by state law.

Many have called for stronger state regulations on construction since the fire. Critics say that current rules allow buildings like the Avalon Bay apartments to be made from lightweight wood. Firefighters say this type of construction allows fire to spread faster.

Zoning officials still need to approve the new plans for the apartment.

About 250 families were displaced in the 2015 fire.